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Maria Lee-Driver​
President and Founder of Oria’s O’Shay, Entrepreneur, Trailblazer.


Renowned entrepreneur and recipient of the prestigious Entrepreneur of the Year 2023 award in Georgia and the Florida Minority Business Award 2024, in her namesake, Maria Lee-Driver is a trailblazer in the business world. Her remarkable journey into entrepreneurship began at the age of nineteen when she opened her first business, Re-Ons Designing Impressions Hair Salon. Over the next two decades, Maria honed her business skills and expanded her ventures, teaching cosmetology and barbering in a second business located in the same building.

In her late teens, Maria's entrepreneurial spirit led her to the creation of a groundbreaking product, Oria’s O'shay, a versatile and natural solution for long-term healthy skin and hair. This innovation garnered her the Madam C J Walker Award, 2nd Runner Up in 2013 from the National Coalition of 100 Black Women, Pennsylvania Chapter.

Continuing her commitment to innovation, Maria ventured into the pet industry during the height of the pandemic, introducing Fresh MinkTM Pets, an all-natural pet deodorizing line. The success of this line made her the first African American with a national pet product line, earning her recognition at SuperZoo in Las Vegas. Maria's strategic partnership with further catapulted Fresh MinkTM Pets into the national spotlight, with products hitting their platform in February 2022.

Her journey to manufacture the new product line in mass quantity led her to founder and CEO of Team 84, Herman Moore. Moore, a serial entrepreneur and NFL All-Pro, was excited to get behind the Fresh MinkTM Pets initiative. “Maria checks all the boxes for the types of businesses we like to support,” said Moore. “First, she’s a passionate entrepreneur who has already succeeded in so many areas. Second, championing female and minority-led businesses is at the top of our priority list. Team 84 is looking forward to the partnership.”

Notably, Maria is the host of the acclaimed Oria’s O'shay Podcast, where she shares insights into entrepreneurship, latest insights and success stories. Her magnetic personality and business acumen have also led her to become an influential figure in various public engagements, interviews, and award presentations. In recognition of her outstanding contributions, Maria will present the Entrepreneur of the Year Award in her namesake April 25, 2024 at the Florida Minority Business Awards.

As a dynamic entrepreneur and business leader, Maria is set to expand her influence further with the upcoming Fresh Mink Pets Podcast, "O Just Pets," and the anticipated launch of Fresh Mink Pets products in major stores in 2024. Stay tuned as Maria continues to create magic in the worlds of business and beyond.


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