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Take the Challenge!

No more dry skin! We believe everyone should have beautiful skin!

Dry skin occurs when the skin's outer layer (the stratum corneum) is depleted of water. The skin's outer layer consists of dead, flattened cells that gradually move toward the skin's surface and slough off. Called the stratum corneum, the outer layer has a critical protective role. When this layer is well moistened, it minimizes water loss through the skin and helps keep out irritants, allergens, and germs. However, when the stratum corneum dries out, it loses its protective function. This allows greater water loss, leaving your skin vulnerable to environmental factors.

Oria'sO'shay is anall-natural body butter which contains No added water just all natural oils and can be used from head to toe!!

It was originally created for young clients’ hair (Oria's Kid's Salon) which inspired the refreshing, citrus scent. All natural. Shea Butter, Chamomile, honey, green tree, Aloe Vera to name a few ingredients. Everything great for the inside put it on the outside!

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