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What the doctors say...

Dr. Crews has seen improving results from clients using Oria's O'shay on their skin. Dr. Crews stated, "Eczema and clients with rashes has benefited from using Oria's O'shay within weeks of use."


Dr. John Crews MD, MBA, is a Robotic Surgeon, Mid-Atlantic Surgical Associate, PLLC; Philadelphia, PA.Dr. Crews is board-certified general surgeon and wound care. He is a Fellow of International College of Surgeons and the American Professional Wound Care Association.


I am really into aroma therapy. I remember one day walking past a table that smelled so sweet and stopped and asked what is that smell. When I found out it was a cream I had to purchase it. I purchased the cream because I wanted to smell like the fragrance that I walked pass. When I went home I could not wait to take a bath to rub the cream on my body. I rub the cream on my skin especially my ...feet for about three days straight. I remember saying to a friend of mine girl I have to get a pedicure, looked down at my feet, and said I cannot believe my feet looks this nice. They were soft. They were different. They were transformed. I sat back and was trying to figure out what did I do differently. When I figured out that the cream gave my feet a face lift. I could not wait to email Maria to tell her that I loved her product. I was so excited. My skin is so much better and this was one of the best purchases that I have made in a long time.

--- Dr. Tina M. Scott Doctorate in Health Care Administration.

Maria introduced me to O'Shay over a year ago and I have been in love with it ever since! As a Chiropractor, I am exceptionally particular about the health, condition and appearance of my hands. I would be lost without O'Shay. I haven't found anything that comes close. As a competitive marathon runner I also started using it on my feet last year. The difference is amazing! I have not had one foot blister since discovering O'Shay and my toe nails are healthier than ever. I try to never miss a day and I recommend this product to all of my patients and friends.

Ted Loos is a Doctor of Chiropractic. He is a 2001 Graduate of Life University and he runs a private wellness practice in Philadelphia. Dr. Loos is an avid runner and he has had exceptional results in treating athletes from dozens of different sports. He can be reached at (215) 483 6550.


--- Dr. Ted Loos

Great Life Chiropractic

6810 Ridge Ave., Philadelphia, PA

I am pleased to endorse and recommend Oria’s O’shay products to anyone desiring better conditioned hair and improved skin. As a golfer, O’shay has proven to be the answer to protect and keep my skin clear.As an international businessman I have shared this product with companies from South Africa, Kenya and Ghana and there is definite interest.

---Sherwood DuBose, Phd.Miami, FL

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