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All Natural Body Butter

All Natural Body Butter

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Silence Bar & Silence Air Body Spray

Silence Bar & Silence Air Body Spray

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!SMELL (Hair and Sheen Deodorizer)

!SMELL (Hair and Sheen Deodorizer)

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Hi Oria,

I was in Whole Foods the last week and you stopped me and asked me how often I hot iron my hair. I told you I had just washed my hair that morning and that I use Argon oil on my hair (lots of it). You told me how straight and soft your product could make my hair. I told you I would buy your product another day. I then passed you again and decided to give it a try. OMG!!!!!!! I went home that night and used it on my hair and lightly used the straight iron. My hair looked like it did over a year ago when I had the Japanese done (which was $450.00). I am so thrilled with this product you have no idea. I am now using it on my hands and feet and any other part of my body that looks like it needs it. By the way, I haven’t washed my hair yet since then and it still looks shiny and straight. Even my husband noticed the difference. He said my hair looked beautiful!!!!!Thank you, thank you, and thank you

Karen Kartman

While on vacation, I stopped in a Whole Foods store in PA and after smelling the wonderful scent and urging from my daughter, bought a jar. I returned home to Phoenix and forgot about it for a while. Because I like to walk barefoot in the house in the summer, my heels were cracked and tough. One evening I remembered Oria’s O’shay and rubbed some on my heels after my shower…it smelled wonderful and felt great. The next morning I thought my heels were better. The next night I did it again and the following morning my heels were healed. I have never experienced such a fast healing from any skin care product. I love it. I hope it will be available locally soon.


Phoenix, AZ

I love your product!My mother bought me some of the Oria's O'shay and I fell in love with it! I get tattooed frequently and it heals tattoos in half the time as tattoo goo, and tattoo goo does not smell half as good as your product! I use it in my hair, on my legs, and it brings life to my existing tattoos. Thank you so much for making this product and I will forever be a customer! By the way I think if you sold your product at tattoo conventions that it would sell out every day out of the three days the conventions usually are, just an idea! Are you planning on being at any shows in the Delmarva area soon? I would love to pick up some more! Thanks again!


I purchased your shea butter on Saturday(at the Omega Crab feast in Baltimore. I went on line and just purchased two 5 oz. jars. One for me and one for my son who has been diagnosed with sarcoidosis and suffers with some type of legions(scarring) on his face. I am going to have him try this product to see if it will assist with these legions(scarring).


Only having used the product since Sunday, I am quite impressed with it. I suffer with very dry elbows and I have noticed my elbows are a lot softer. I have tried many products for my excessively dry elbows, but nothing worked. I am impressed that in a few days of use how softer my elbows have become.


Also have dry screen underneath my breasts, and the dryness and the scarring I had appears to be disappearing.I can’t wait for my son to try the product. I will let you know how it works for him.I am sold on this product for me!!!!

Michele D.

I love your product -- it's the only thing that helped my young son's facial eczema!Marleen Livingstone and I buy it at whole foods but you can order from their website here I believe. One good thing to know is that a LITTLE goes a long Way!!!


I accidentally sprayed myself with her pepper spray and touched my nose with the tissue I used to wipe my hands. My nose was on fire!!! I applied Oria's O'shay and it stop the burning!!O yeah!! OriasO'shay to the rescue!!!!


I just want to let you know I love your product. Placed an ordered about 3 months ago, and just placed my second order.I used the product on varicose veins and I was amazed how that area seemed to smooth right out. I wish I had taken before shots. That is not the only area I have seen a difference, but that area is what made me say WOW.Love the product.


My 15 month old son been suffering from eczema under his neck for at least 4months. We took him to the doctor and the recommended Cortisone and that only madeit worse.It gave him some relief at first but then came the side effect and itwas awful. His neck was swollen with red itchy bumps and he was crying his little shelf to sleep. By then I was in a place where I needed something to help my son. I tried the product on him and at once I could tell there was something pretty special here. After using the sample for two days my wife told me it is working. She apparently saw something I didn't which was very encouraging because I’m into nutrition on another level and she's not. So, with her endorsement I went and got one and it has done a miracle for my son. This is a blessing from the Lord. And I believe the Lord brought this product in my life. I had prayed for help because I couldn't help my son but I knew my Heavenly Father knew everything and he loved that little boy more than I could ever. I know that this product is a result of the Lords doing. Take Care Oria and thank you very much. ---Chris, Philadelphia

---Chris, PhiladelphiaP

I frequently wash my hands and now with the colder weather settling in, my hands dry out very quickly.Yesterday, my hands were so dry and chapped, I applied two different natural hand creams to try to moisturize them. I felt no difference at all. Then I remembered that I had purchased Oria's O'shay product a few weeks prior while visiting my local Whole Foods store. Just as the young lady demonstrated, I applied a small amount, and, as I rubbed my hands, they immediately sprang back to life! Thank you so much for making an amazing product that moisturizes without the use of dangerous chemicals!I now keep a small sample in my bag for when I'm on the go!Can't wait to try the lip balm!


Wayne, PA

I am so grateful that there is a natural product that works for me. I tried ORIA'S OSHAY on a mosquito bite and the swelling was gone within hours. The itch had stopped instantly, leaving me surprised and bewildered. What an AMAZING product!!!!


Philadelphia, PA

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Medical Endorsement

What the doctors say...

Dr. Crews has seen improving results from clients using Oria's O'shay on their skin. Dr. Crews stated, "Eczema and clients with rashes has benefited from using Oria's O'shay within weeks of use."


Dr. John Crews MD, MBA, is a Robotic Surgeon, Mid-Atlantic Surgical Associate, PLLC; Philadelphia, PA.Dr. Crews is board-certified general surgeon and wound care. He is a Fellow of International College of Surgeons and the American Professional Wound Care Association.


I am really into aroma therapy. I remember one day walking past a table that smelled so sweet and stopped and asked what is that smell. When I found out it was a cream I had to purchase it. I purchased the cream because I wanted to smell like the fragrance that I walked pass. When I went home I could not wait to take a bath to rub the cream on my body. I rub the cream on my skin especially my ...feet for about three days straight. I remember saying to a friend of mine girl I have to get a pedicure, looked down at my feet, and said I cannot believe my feet looks this nice. They were soft. They were different. They were transformed. I sat back and was trying to figure out what did I do differently. When I figured out that the cream gave my feet a face lift. I could not wait to email Maria to tell her that I loved her product. I was so excited. My skin is so much better and this was one of the best purchases that I have made in a long time.

--- Dr. Tina M. Scott Doctorate in Health Care Administration.

Maria introduced me to O'Shay over a year ago and I have been in love with it ever since! As a Chiropractor, I am exceptionally particular about the health, condition and appearance of my hands. I would be lost without O'Shay. I haven't found anything that comes close. As a competitive marathon runner I also started using it on my feet last year. The difference is amazing! I have not had one foot blister since discovering O'Shay and my toe nails are healthier than ever. I try to never miss a day and I recommend this product to all of my patients and friends.

Ted Loos is a Doctor of Chiropractic. He is a 2001 Graduate of Life University and he runs a private wellness practice in Philadelphia. Dr. Loos is an avid runner and he has had exceptional results in treating athletes from dozens of different sports. He can be reached at (215) 483 6550.


--- Dr. Ted Loos

Great Life Chiropractic

6810 Ridge Ave., Philadelphia, PA

I am pleased to endorse and recommend Oria’s O’shay products to anyone desiring better conditioned hair and improved skin. As a golfer, O’shay has proven to be the answer to protect and keep my skin clear.As an international businessman I have shared this product with companies from South Africa, Kenya and Ghana and there is definite interest.

---Sherwood DuBose, Phd.Miami, FL

A true man's testimony!

"Btw, let me tell you bout your product. Iunno what you put in that little magical jar but when I came back from gym last night I had a bunch of little blisters on both arms raised up and looking and feeling nasty. I put some OO on my arm last night after I showered and the bumps were gone this morning!!! Bouts to order me up some mo!!!"
-GB, New Jersey.

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