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Pure 100% Certified Organic Hemp
Omega 3
Bassussa Oil
Aloe Vera

Oh My Scalp!
* Non-comedogenic
*Stimulates Blood Flow
*Generates Rapid Hair Growth
*Thinning Edges,Balding Spots
*Strengthen Hair Follicles
*Controls Dry, Flaky, Itchy Scalp
*Add sheen to dull, dry hair
*All Natural*No Water Added*

Directions: Oh My Scalp Serum can be applied on dry or wet scalp.

For Best Results Use Oria’s O’shay All Natural Body Butter daily for promotion of hair thinning and growth.

*Thinning and Balding- Apply small drops 1-2 times a week to target areas and apply small amount of Oria’s O’shay daily.

*Itchy Scalp/Dandruff- Apply drops sparsely over head/scalp or directly to irritate location. Massage and apply Oria’s O’shay All Natural Body Butter for continued relief if needed.

*Manageability- Apply a few drops in hands and massage all over hair. Brush or comb thought. Style.


Hemp Oh My Scalp Limited Edition

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