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"Don't Give Me Directions If You Don't Know Where You're Going”

Do you feel lost? Do you know your destiny?

Do you know your purpose for living?

In my new memoir “Detours” I’ve shared a part of my life at a time when my net worth was over a half million dollars at 32 years of age, only to have lost it all and having to stand before God to answer the most compelling questions of my life.


Who am I?


What is my purpose in life? From totally losing my eyesight, to becoming a victim to sexual assault, to tragically losing my mother at 19 yrs. of age, I share with you my “Detours” that nearly destroyed my very being. I share my sin, and my redemption, and how I realized and accepted my calling from God in my life.


Detours is a masterfully written, inspirational, personal growth, and self-development book that validates and confirms the love of God, and the love for self. It’s a book that exemplifies why generosity, compassion, and empathy are paths to joy and total fulfillment in life.

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